social harmony (noun): when people live side by side in peace and mutual respect


Social Harmony works with companies, nonprofits, foundations and individuals.


Audience research, competitive analysis, digital & media analysis, stakeholder interviews



Branding, campaigns, leadership transitions, partnership development



Storytelling, blogs, op-eds, websites, social media, video



Crisis communications, spokesperson training, workshops, celebrity management



Bridging the gap in an increasingly polarized world with progressively complex problems is vital to solving issues that affect all of us. Finding common ground—and effectively communicating it to others—is more urgent now than ever. Companies, nonprofits and governments realize they can no longer afford to think of communications as a luxury, and are giving it priority.

Many of the problems we face today have existed for generations—human trafficking, gender violence, poverty, food and water insecurity, climate change and countless human rights offenses.

These aren’t new issues. But because of technology, globalization and the centralization of power, they are more complex. Yet the tools, innovation and social inquiry we have to tackle them are also more advanced. One of those tools is communication, which I use to help my clients engage their audiences to make faster change.

Would you like to advance humanity together?

How I work: I can be an added member to your team, lead a team, or custom-build a team depending on your needs.


Past and present clients include


I’m Jessica Scadron, a strategic communications expert with a rare blend
of lifetime experience who brings fresh thinking to my clients’ work.

I’ve spent over a decade providing communications strategy and implementation to nonprofits, companies and foundations dedicated to making positive change. I crafted my expertise working in PR agencies on human trafficking, corporate social responsibility, climate, microfinance, education for girls, impact investing and other pressing issues of our time.

My early experiences paved the path for my social good career. Spending my younger years in 1970’s Brooklyn — when crime in New York was at an all-time high — inspired my perspective. I lived side-by-side with poverty-stricken neighbors and became intimately aware of society’s imbalances. My travels to developing countries later in life reinforced that knowledge and exposed me to different cultures and religions. The sum of these experiences fed my ardent belief that safety and prosperity are not exclusive – they are fundamental rights we all deserve.

I founded Social Harmony to continue working for those who are pushed to the margins — and because I want to see change in my lifetime.

When I’m not working, I read historical fiction and books on geopolitics. Backpacking in the wilderness and traveling the globe with my husband feed my need for adventure. I’m also a beekeeper and certified permaculture designer with a serious yoga habit.

If you are like me and want to make this world better, then let’s connect and explore how to work together.