I created Social Harmony out of a lifelong commitment to freedom and self-determination for all people. I work with leaders and organizations with those same commitments.

I partner with leaders to more quickly make the change they are working toward. I help them articulate where they want to go and how to get there by uncovering insights that stand in their way of making faster progress. Whether it’s creating a new brand, developing a campaign or initiative, advising leaders how to reach more funders, or creating persuasive content, I work with organizations to cultivate lasting behavior change and human connection.

Prior to Social Harmony, I was a vice president at Fenton Communications where I worked with Grameen America to build trust among the Latinx community—and to use their microloan and health services. As part of a small leadership team, I co-created a framework for companies to address labor exploitation in their supply chains. Clients have included eBay, Girl Rising, HEAL Africa, Oikocredit, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Social Interest Solutions (now Alluma), Sobrato Family Foundation, Stonyfield Farm, The James Irvine Foundation, TrickleUp and Warner Bros.

My early experiences paved the path for my social good career. Spending my younger years in 1970’s Brooklyn made me intimately aware of society’s inequities. My international travels reinforced that knowledge— putting me face to face with different cultures with the same challenges—solidifying my belief that safety and prosperity are not exclusive but fundamental rights we all deserve.

When not pondering injustices, I do improv, study birds and explore the Sierra backcountry.