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You may already have a sense of what Social Harmony is about from this website. I am a communications pro with a focus on making the world a place where we are proud to live. I believe that if we communicate more clearly and listen more intently without the fog of self-protection, that we can get closer to making a better world a reality.

This blog will go broader and deeper into three categories that encapsulate the work I do:

  1. Strategic communications
  2. Critical issues such as climate change, poverty, gender issues, and technology
  3. Human trafficking, the largest criminal global enterprise second to drug dealing

My goal is to deliver new, thought-provoking content in a short, readable format. Consider this blog a filter for what you need to know, or at a minimum, would like to know.

Strategic Communications: Trends, Research & Insights

I am first and foremost a communications expert, having spent more than a decade honing my craft at agencies doing everything from branding and identity, website copy and creation, storytelling, digital and earned media strategy, video creation, crisis communications, trainings and more.

People outside the field often ask: What is strategic communications? My simple answer is that it’s helping organizations talk about themselves in order to build a relationship with the public. While this seems like an elementary definition, the communications field is more complex than it’s ever been – constantly shifting and changing in reaction to new research, technology and imagination coming to life.

Neuroscience, human-centered design (which I use in my work), data, technology such as virtual and augmented reality, and light-speed developments in digital media influence how we communicators approach solving a problem. Beyond identifying the right audiences and reaching them with meaningful messages where they spend their time, we must evaluate what moves them, how their personal experiences shape their views and values, and how they access information. Ultimately, I do all of these things to help people change their thinking and behaviors for the greater good.

In that spirit, I’ll provide analysis on communications trends, new research findings, case studies, and pull germane lessons from other fields to keep us all fresh and forward thinking in the work we do.

Critical Issues

I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have worked on a broad range of important issues, including the environment, girls’ education, disaster relief, clean water access, food security, sustainability, and more. It’s why I love my work – the challenge of trying to solve a problem that can change lives aligns directly with my need to be of service while I walk (ever so lightly) this planet.

A few of my current collaborations focus on helping people access the public benefits they need to break the cycle of poverty, changing policy to improve early learning for young children, and educating San Francisco residents on how our modern lifestyles affect our planet.

I promise to report back and let you know how these efforts take root. We know that we have to be in it for the long haul if we want to create sustainable positive change.

Human Trafficking

I was first exposed to the complex, underground world of human trafficking when I was a vice president in Fenton Communications’ Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability practice. As part of a small and mighty team of colleagues, we created a communications framework to help companies talk about exploitation and labor abuse in their supply chains. We launched the proprietary service offering at the Sustainable Brands conference – the industry gathering for companies on a mission to do good – in 2014.

That experience made me realize the reality of millions of enslaved people around the world. Before this, I had no idea of the enormity of the problem. But after extensive work in this area, it is obvious to me that saving even one life matters. This is urgent work, and my hope is to help free as many people as possible as fast as we can. It will take all of us

To this end, I’ve become an advocate for anti-trafficking efforts including participating in the Bay Area’s anti-trafficking task force, and working with international nonprofits and government agencies to tell untold stories. This work is constantly evolving: Currently, I am writing a series of articles (the first due out in November) to change how stories about human trafficking and survivors are told. This is important because the media tells only a small fraction of human trafficking stories, and many times the facts are questionable. If our goal is to chip away at this egregious and pervasive industry, we need to do better at educating how people fall victim to traffickers so they can protect themselves, and others.

The road ahead

Ultimately, my goal is to deliver meaningful, informative and interesting content. I believe that communications can change the world. If I do my job right, then I’ll have convinced others to believe it too.

I look forward to your next visit!

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