Warner Bros.

Services: Digital and earned media strategy, writing, national art tour curation and production, partnership management

Warner Bros. wanted to shine light on the 2011 drought in the Horn of Africa, the worst since the 1990s. As a key media strategist on the team that launched the We Can Be Heroes two-year campaign to raise awareness and funds for the millions impacted by the drought, I implemented the executive launch plan.

I was also executive producer and curator of the live 4-city national art tour, and co-developed a framework for the celebrity partnership with Chris Daughtry—American Idol winner—to draw attention to the drought. And, I worked closely with the nonprofit partners—International Rescue Committee, MercyCorps and Save the Children—to measure impact on the ground in the Horn.

The campaign launch drew 250 million media impressions, the art tour drew 45,000 people, and the campaign hit its two-year fundraising goal in less than six months.